Capitol Corner – November 2022

Midterm Elections 2022 Quick Recap

Last Tuesday’s elections resulted in five new members for North Carolina’s congressional delegation and one new Senator. Representative Ted Budd (R) won the Senate race and will succeed the retiring Senator Richard Burr (R).

Centralina’s House delegation changes from six members to four members and changes from five Republicans and one Democrat in the current congress to two Republicans and two Democrats in the next Congress. Centralina loses Representatives Virginia Foxx (R, 5th) and Richard Hudson (R, 8th). In the next Congress, Centralina will be represented by Representatives Alma Adams (D, 12th), Dan Bishop (R, 9th) and Patrick McHenry (R, 10th), as well as by Representative-elect Jeff Jackson (D, 14th).

Having gained a new seat in the House of Representatives from the 2020 Census, the North Carolina House delegation in the next Congress will consist of 14 members. The new NC delegation will be evenly split with seven Republicans and seven Democrats. Of the five newly elected members, there are three Democrats and one Republican. All five have served in the state senate.

  • Representative-elect Don Davis (D), an Air Force veteran and former mayor, will represent the 1st congressional district.
  • Representative-elect Valerie Foushee, a State Senator and former State Representative as well as County Commissioner, will represent the 4th congressional district.
  • Representative-elect Chuck Edwards (R), a businessman from Henderson County, will represent the 11th congressional district.
  • Representative-elect Wiley Nickel (D), a former White House staffer and county commissioner, will represent the 13th congressional district. The newly redrawn 13th congressional district contains all new counties and covers south Wake County, Johnston County, and portions of Harnett and Wayne Counties.
  • Representative-elect Jeff Jackson (D), an Army veteran and former district attorney, will represent the 14th congressional district. The new 14th congressional district was awarded from the last census and covers south Mecklenburg County and much of Gaston County.

With many races still undecided across the nation, the impact of Tuesday’s elections on congressional activity in the current Congress and the next Congress remains uncertain. Regardless, when the current Congress returns to Washington later this month, they must consider FY23 Appropriations and the FY23 National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA).

Appropriations must be addressed by December 16 when the current continuing resolution expires. Congress will either pass an all-encompassing omnibus package or another continuing resolution. The NDAA, which has been continuously passed and enacted for 61 years, is widely expected to pass during the post-election session of Congress. Due to its “must pass” nature, the NDAA is viewed as a vehicle for unrelated legislation. Negotiations may include controversial amendments or riders in addition to some less controversial add-ons such authorizations for other agencies and the Water Resources Development Act (WRDA). 

Defining the Region’s Goals

Today, Centralina is one of the fastest-growing metropolitan areas in the country and our home is quickly changing. Now more than ever, our region needs to work together to plan for a vibrant future.

To align our efforts, Centralina has defined the top three goals for our region based on input from our Board of Delegates, regional managers and regional partners. These goals reflect the main pillars of our work.


Expand Economic Opportunity


Build Community Supportive Infrastructure


Strengthen Regional Resilience and Global Competitiveness