Regional Digitial Inclusion

Digital inclusion planning supports a community’s ability to connect and bolster the digital access and literacy of all community members. Centralina Regional Council seeks to advance our region’s position in the digital divide by joining resources with our counties and municipalities. Together we can improve broadband access, foster digital literacy and increase the number of individuals served.

Bridging the Digital Divide

Digital inclusion ensures all communities, especially the most disadvantaged populations, can connect to and use the internet. Recognizing that a regional approach is critical to closing the digital divide, Centralina is partnering with the Institute for Emerging Issues at NC State University to improve broadband access and equity. Through funding from the Building a New Digital Economy (BAND-NC) program, this initiative seeks to assist county leaders in our region in developing and implementing digital inclusion plans that include intentional strategies to reduce and eliminate barriers to broadband access and technology use.

About the Program

There is no cost to counties to participate in this initiative. As participants, counties will be asked to identify staff and community stakeholders who will take part in the digital inclusion planning process and conduct community engagement activities.

Benefits to the Counties:

  • State recognition as a digital inclusion plan county for future grant funding
  • Direct support for economic mobility and community prosperity goals
  • Boosts public safety warning awareness and resilience planning
  • Decreases digital divide
  • Maps existing assets and vulnerabilities
  • Enhances collaborative relationships with community stakeholders
  • Supports digital literacy to upskill individuals for jobs

Why is Digitial Inclusion Important?

Digital inclusion plans help determine community assets to have a better idea of where hardware and software enhancements can be done to support vulnerable populations.

Project Goals

This project addresses equity and the digital divide to include vulnerable populations in broadband access.

The BAND-NC program is a statewide initiative that fosters relationships with the regional councils and councils of government across the state to assist with implementing 100 Digital Inclusion Plans or one for each county. Adopting a statewide and regional approach ensures all components are included and allows flexibility in each plan to make it unique to its county.

There is no cost to participate and Centralina will take the lead in the reporting and administration.


Centralina Information Sheet – A printable guide for digital inclusion planning in our region. 

Centralina Digital Inclusion Video – Brief informative video to help you understand the digital inclusion plan and how you can help advance it. (coming soon)

Digital Inclusion Profile – Purdue University Regional Center for Development prepared a data profile that provides an understanding of Centralina Regional Council’s digital landscape. 

BAND-NC – Review the latest data from NC State University Institute for Emerging Issues Building a New Digital Economy in NC on the BAND-NC website

NC One Map Profiles – The NC Broadband Infrastructure Office provides detailed broadband data by county. 

State of NC Digital Equity Plan – Review our state’s comprehensive strategy to ensure all individuals and communities have equitable access to digital tools, resources and skills to participate in the digital economy. 

Want to Help Now? Take the Internet Connectivity Survey for NC Households and Business conducted by the NC Broadband Infrastructure Office. 

For more information on this initiative, please contact Anna Lu Wilson at or 704-385-4790.