Centralina Regional Planning

Strengthening the neighboring counties within a region requires a holistic view that looks strategically at our interconnected economies, transportation systems and how we use land. The Centralina Regional Planning department helps local governments create places of lasting value by developing comprehensive and mutually beneficial solutions. Centralina Regional Planning engages the region and local communities to strengthen relationships and bring communities together.


Planning and Zoning Services
Transportation Choice and Connections
  • Regional freight and intelligent transportation systems
  • Transit system connections, coordination and planning
  • Autonomous and connected vehicle readiness
  • Integration of transportation, land use and emerging technologies
  • Local mobility, bike and pedestrian planning
Healthy Communities Planning Services
  • Local placemaking and healthy community demonstration projects
  • Healthy community code assessments and planning
  • Active living and healthy food strategies
Regional Coordination and Training
  • Cross-jurisdictional coordination and peer learning
  • Regional convening of local government professionals (planning, transportation, fleets, solid waste, water)
  • Local official and staff training including Certification Maintenance credits for accredited planners
Local Government Strategic Planning and Community Outreach
Sustainable Communities
  • Community fleet assessment and resources
  • Clean energy education and demonstration
  • Hazard mitigation planning
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