Centralina Learns: Managing ARPA Allocations Under $10 Million

Centralina Regional Council held a Centralina Learns session on Wednesday, August 17 about American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) spending for allocations under $10 million. We had a great turnout and participation as our session provided an overview of the updated guidance the U.S. Treasury released on July 27 as well as considerations for spending approaches and following good governance. If you missed the session, here are six points that you need to know:

  1. The updated guidance released from the U.S. Treasury on July 27 is only relevant if your community elected “Revenue Loss” as your ARPA spending category. This includes if you are spending the funds on salaries and benefits and/or other general government services. This guidance is also relevant if your community is planning on spending the funds on equipment/infrastructure under the revenue loss category.
  2. Under this new guidance recipients may update their Revenue Loss election, in future reporting cycles through the April 2023 reporting period (US Treasury Final Rule FAQ 3.1)
  3. If you’re considering changing your spending within the Revenue Loss category, you should keep in mind your jurisdiction’s staff capacity as you would need to amend your grant project ordinance and follow procurement protocols for this change. This could be strategic if for some reason your community needs funds quicker however, you should always have a backup plan for various scenarios (i.e., if your equipment is backlogged, if the infrastructure project fails or if someone quits)
  4. There are no subawards required under the Revenue Loss category (FAQ 13.15) and excluded from some requirements in Uniform Guidance – Procurement (FAQ 13.15)
  5. If you chose Revenue Loss: Salaries and Benefits, Centralina still recommends this category as it has the least number of requirements.
  6. Regardless of how your community chose to spend the funds it’s important to practice good governance by following all state and federal procurement protocols, increasing transparency, communication and engagement with your citizens

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You can watch the entire Centralina Learns session for more information on this topic. Look under the COVID section of our Member Portal.