Capitol Corner February 2022

Congress is still working to finalize full-year funding for the federal government by agreeing to a broad framework that will allow them to hash out details and pass a package that could reach $1.5 trillion in the coming weeks. The federal government is currently operating under a Continuing Resolution (CR) through February 18 that keeps programs at fiscal 2021 levels, but Congress is expected to pass another short-term CR through March 11 until a final deal can be reached. The goal is to pass a fiscal 2022 omnibus bill, which would increase funding for many domestic programs and unlock the spending created with passage of the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act (a.k.a. Bipartisan Infrastructure Law (BIL)). Many BIL programs, including new competitive grants considered “new starts” because they didn’t exist before the infrastructure law, as well as the 20 percent increase in highway formula money and 30 percent increase in transit formula dollars authorized by Congress in the BIL are not available until the fiscal 2022 spending bill passes. To learn more about all of the funding available under the BIL, including transportation, energy, water and the environment, see the Building A Better America Guidebook prepared by the White House.