Celebrating Union County and Their Fair Housing Initiatives

The month of April is National Fair Housing Month and National County Government Month. There is no better time than now to celebrate Union County and its initiatives to further fair and affordable housing in their jurisdiction! 

Throughout 2022, Union County and Centralina Regional Council embarked on an extensive research study exploring and analyzing the fair and affordable housing efforts of the County as a requirement of the Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) Program. As a result, the Analysis of Impediments to Fair Housing Report, which outlines the goals and methods of the County to affirmatively further fair and affordable housing in their jurisdiction, was developed. Affirmatively furthering fair housing entails taking meaningful actions, in addition to combating discrimination, that overcome patterns of segregation and foster inclusive communities free from barriers that restrict access to opportunity based on protected characteristics. Specifically, actions to affirmatively furthering fair housing include: 1) addressing significant disparities in housing needs and in access to opportunity, 2) replacing segregated living patterns with truly integrated and balanced living patterns, 3) transforming racially and ethnically concentrated areas of poverty into areas of opportunity and 4) fostering and maintaining compliance with civil rights and fair housing laws. The findings were compiled by Centralina and Union County into an Analysis of Impediments to Fair and Affordable Housing Report, linked here: Union County 2022-2026 Analysis of Impediments to Fair Housing Report 

As a result of the report, Union County became aware of the need for County-level support in enhancing fair and affordable housing. With hopes to bolster fair and affordable housing in their jurisdiction, Union County is currently in the process of initiating a Fair Housing Advisory Council. Some potential tasks of the Fair Housing Advisory Council include, but are not limited to, exploring housing barriers, developing sustainable work plans that aim to increase access to affordable housing, researching ideas for public awareness efforts around fair housing and advising the Board of County Commissioners of strategies that support fair and affordable housing in Union County. If you are a Union County resident or service provider and would like more information about how to become involved with the brand new Fair Housing Advisory Council, please contact Clayton Voignier at Clayton.Voignier@unioncountync.gov. The County is searching for members with experience in affordable housing, as well as input from the community regarding the Fair Housing Advisory Council’s potential goals.  

Throughout this process several issues, such as the urgent need for septic system repair, were highlighted. Upon analyzing the report, Union County acted quickly and launched a Septic System Repair Program using CDBG funds with the support of Centralina this program year. The goal is to complete seven septic system repairs throughout the duration of the program year. Two repairs are currently in the works. For more information about the Septic Repair Program, please visit Union County’s CDBG Webpage or contact Zsuzsi Kadar and zkadar@centralina.org or 704-688-7033.