Don’t Wait Until Tomorrow: Plan for an Emergency Today!

The Centralina Region has been spared some of the most challenging weather our country has seen this past year.; triple digit heatwaves, massive flooding, rockslides and extended power outages. We are, however, no stranger to experiencing these types of events before. Older and disabled adults are especially vulnerable during these extreme weather events and to emergencies that often come without warning.  While emergencies are out of our control, there are a number of things you can do today to prepare, stay ready and remain safe for before., during and after a disaster strikes.

  • Make a plan so you know exactly what to do when disaster strikes.
  • Find a safe area to either shelter in place or take refuge in your community.
  • Get a “go” bag ready with clothing, essential medications, extra assistive devices, money, extra batteries and food if you have special needs. 
  • Prepare a back-up plan for power outages for medical equipment or refrigeration of prescription drugs.
  • Make sure your home is protected through property or renters insurance.
  • Make copies of important documents (financial, medical, legal, etc.)
  • Identify a support network – who can help you and how will you stay in touch with them if the phone is out?  
  • Get important emergency numbers and keep them handy.
  • Stay informed – Monitor reliable and local news resources for updates and guidance.
  • Stay or go – Be ready to leave if evacuated and have a plan for where to take refuge and who can help you get to safety. 
  • Ask for help – Tell people what you need and how they can help.   
  • Wait until authorities say it’s safe to return home and take part or normal daily activities.
  • BEWARE of SCAMS!  Work only with trusted sources. Ask for identification and verify, when possible, what is being offered as a legitimate service. Emergency help typically does not cost you anything. 
  • Practice “safety first” when disposing of debris and be sure to reach out for needed help with cleanup efforts. 
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