CONNECT Our Future: Comprehensive Retrospective Report

Six years have passed since the regional growth framework for CONNECT Our Future was unanimously accepted by the 95-member CONNECT Consortium in 2015. Implementation of the landmark achievement started immediately for different partners and different areas of the region. We put together a document that summarizes the work of Centralina Regional Council and looks back on accomplishments in the region that tie back to CONNECT Our Future, which serves as the backdrop for a new general framework (presented in the document) that will guide future actions or partnerships being considered by Centralina staff to build an even stronger legacy for CONNECT Our Future in the decades to come.

Specific data and stories collected from the region are also included to conveniently summarize the information presented in the following five articles that were featured in The Central Lines newsletter (published in 2021).

  • A Look Back at Land Use
  • How Development Trends, Pressures, Changing Preferences and Community Reactions to Change are Impacting Our Future (Transportation Part 1: Looking Back)
  • Continued Growth, Changing Travel Behavior and the Future of the Regional Transportation System (Transportation Part 2: Looking Ahead)
  • Opportunities and Challenges for Implementing a Shared Regional Transportation Vision
  • Be Intentional About the Region’s Future, Partnerships in Planning for Healthy Communities

Centralina and their partners for this effort would like to thank those in the region that shared their data and time for interviews to support this work. Their stories and insights into the region and the experiences they shared from “in the trenches” or “at the decision table” to address various land use, transportation or community health needs, now and in the future, was truly invaluable.

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