How to Hold Public Virtual Meetings

In response to the COVID-19 crisis, local governments in North Carolina are canceling, postponing, modifying and avoiding gatherings of people. This creates issues for local governments that are required by North Carolina statute to conduct public hearings and meetings to remain in compliance with state law and local ordinances.

Centralina Regional Council has created a resource for local governments as they explore the world of virtual meetings. Due to the current fluid situation, the document will be updated on an on-going basis to include more up-to-date tips and best practices as they are known.

The purpose of this paper is to provide information to local governments in North Carolina for how they might continue to conduct business when face-to-face meetings are not possible. This paper also includes guidance on technology resources, practical tips and lessons learned through experience by using these technology resources. The information in this document is not meant to be a comprehensive accounting of all possible technologies, but rather to provide a few options for communities to consider and weigh against their own needs.

Access the document here: White Paper for North Carolina Planning Boards and Boards of Adjustment: Holding Virtual Public Meetings

Centralina also created a checklist for hosting successful virtual meetings. See step-by-step procedures meant to create a smooth, stress-free and valuable experience for staff, officials and residents. There is also a table that translates in-person event activities to virtual meeting software abilities that may be useful as you pick which software to use for your meeting needs.

Access the document here: A Checklist for Hosting Successful Virtual Meetings