New Tool to Identify EV Infrastructure Funding Opportunities

Centralina Clean Fuels Coalition Offers New Tool to Help Communities Identify Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Funding Opportunities

The Bipartisan Infrastructure Law (BIL) and other federal and state funding programs are bringing unprecedented transportation and electric vehicle (EV) infrastructure funding to North Carolina. As a result, EV infrastructure planning is top of mind for many Centralina communities. To assist our member communities in tracking the variety of funding programs available and capitalizing on these historic opportunities, the Centralina Clean Fuels Coalition has developed resources that support these planning and funding activities on a regional level.

One of these resources is a region-specific EV Supply Equipment (EVSE) Funding Dashboard that serves as a one-stop resource for communities, organizations and businesses. The Dashboard uses an interactive map to illustrate existing EV infrastructure in our region, identify geographic areas eligible for distinct funding programs and verify project eligibility by allowing users to search for specific communities and addresses. Links to additional information about available funding opportunities are also incorporated into the Dashboard.

Make sure your community is prepared to take advantage of these groundbreaking infrastructure funding opportunities by visiting the EVSE Funding Dashboard today!