Centralina’s Housing Case Study Recognized by NADO

The National Association of Development Organization (NADO) highlighted Centralina’s work with the City of Statesville as part of its 2023 housing research report called “Solving the Housing Puzzle: EDDs as Regional Housing Changemakers.” This resource includes tools for economic development districts to help them map regional housing ecosystems, determine economic justifications for engaging in the sector and scenario planning examples to better understand regional housing challenges. The report, which outlines the critical housing work carried out by development organizations to meet various community needs across the country, includes best practice case studies like one by Centralina titled “Turning Voices into Action in the Centralina Region.”

In June 2023, Centralina partnered with the City of Statesville, the Statesville Housing Authority and their nonprofit affiliate, Iredell Statesville Community Enrichment Corporation, to host a housing symposium that explored and analyzed how the community can individually and collectively support a prosperous Statesville. This collaborative effort sourced quality input and engagement from various stakeholders, including community organizations, housing advocates, and local government officials. It also provided important networking and educational opportunities for residents, service providers and local employees and officials. You can learn more about the process behind planning this event and the success that came from it through this final report, as well as this previously written Centralina article.

The case study also highlights a housing preservation and innovation workshop conducted at one of Centralina’s Regional Managers meetings. This session focused on tangible ways managers can collaborate to promote and implement affordable housing rehabilitation and development in communities across the Centralina region. You can read more about this workshop through the case study and through this Centralina article.  

Centralina plans to host more of these targeted community workshops and events to help local governments best understand how they can address housing needs and build thriving communities. If you’d like support in coordinating a similar event in your community, please reach out to Community Economic Development Director, Christina Danis, at cdanis@centralina.org.