Did We CONNECT Our Future? Planning for Healthy Communities

Part V in the CONNECT Our Future Retrospective Series

Centralina Regional Council (Centralina) started an initiative in February to inventory and evaluate accomplishments in the region that tie back to CONNECT Our Future and highlight specific data and stories that might inform new actions or priorities for Centralina staff as they continue to support implementation of the region’s priorities. Four articles in The Central Lines newsletter have been published focused on three general topic areas — land use, transportation and community health — and specific challenges and opportunities with each being experienced in different parts of the region. Some of the information collected for the initiative demonstrates a direct connection to the regional effort, while other information demonstrates how the actions of local governments, advocacy groups, private businesses or others combine to positively influence one or more broad goals from CONNECT Our Future.

Article five in the series focuses on topics associated with community health, namely on the relationship between community health and city and regional planning. It highlights several priorities from CONNECT Our Future and their foundational support for independent work completed by health care officials, non-profit organizations, businesses, government officials, philanthropists and community members to improve individual well-being and community health throughout the region.

The summary of conditions, trends and actions in the region to support various community health topics and national examples for their successful implementation are organized under six general topics: definition of community health for this article, priorities from CONNECT Our Future, regional partnerships for study and implementation, relevant studies or initiatives in the region, national examples and best practices and the region’s future in terms of community health.

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