Local Election Reflections

Local elections were held November 8, 2022, and the results are in with a couple of changes in our region. In the nine-county Centralina region, 68 total member seats were on the ballot in the 2022 local government general election. Out of these positions, 43 were contested. Below is the list of communities that held elections:

  • Anson County (3 seats)
  • Cabarrus County (3 seats)
  • Mecklenburg County (9 seats) and (4 seats from 7/26/2022 Election)
  • Union County (3 seats)
  • Rowan County (3 seats)
  • Iredell County (3 seats)
  • Stanly County (5 seats)
  • City of Albemarle (3 seats)
  • Town of Badin (3 seats
  • City of Lincolnton (3 seats)
  • City of Locust (4 seats)
  • Village of Misenheimer (3 seats)
  • Town of New London (3 seats)
  • Town of Norwood (2 seats)
  • Town of Oakboro (4 seats)
  • Town of Red Cross Council (2 seats)
  • Town of Richfield (4 seats)
  • Town of Stanfield (4 seats)
  • City of Charlotte (8 seats from the 7/26/2022 election)

With many seats up for grabs in this round of elections, the outcome proved to bring in a wealth of knowledge and experience from former Board members to local government employees to re-elected officials. Several former Board members who served in previous years gained re-election. For instance, Elaine Powell won a seat on the Mecklenburg County Board and Gene Houpe secured an Iredell County seat after each formerly served a four-year term until 2022. Leigh Altman of Mecklenburg County also won an at-large seat after previously serving a four-year term on the Board.

Incumbents returning and bringing wealth of knowledge and experience additionally we have several newly elected bringing diverse background, education and experience to the table. Newly elected officials have experience from serving on local boards in education, social services and planning and come with their own passions to advocate.

Bond Referendum Highlights
  • In Mecklenburg County, City of Charlotte constituents voted in favor of bonds for transportation, housing and neighborhood improvement while Town of Matthews constituents voted in favor of transportation and parks and recreation.
  • City of Concord constituents also voted in favor of bonds for parks and recreation.
  • City of Gastonia constituents voted in favor of bonds for transportation.
  • Anson County constituents and Town of Rockwell in Rowan County voted in favor of permitting the sale of mixed beverages in hotels, restaurants, private clubs, community theaters and convention centers.
  • Union County constituents voted in favor of both general obligation school bonds and general obligation community college bonds.

Of the candidates who were re-elected, four included Centralina Delegates and one Centralina Economic Development District (CED) Board member. Congratulations to Commissioner Elaine Powell of Mecklenburg County, Commissioner Gene Houpe of Iredell County, Commissioner Lynn Shue of Cabarrus County and Leigh Altman of Mecklenburg County (Centralina EDD).

We look forward to continuing our regional service and cannot wait to see where the background, education and experience of newly elected officials and the next set of resolute delegates take us in the new year.