Capitol Corner January 2024: Senator Thom Tillis

A Conversation with Senator Thom Tillis

Centralina Regional Council kicked off the start of 2024 by hosting a breakfast on Friday,  January 5th for the region’s newly elected local officials. The event featured an open, fireside-style conversation with North Carolina’s senior U.S. Senator, Thom Tillis, led by Centralina Executive Director Geraldine Gardner.

Senator Tillis’ opening remarks encouraged local elected officials “to think about regional connectivity” when approaching the federal government for resources and making those approaches creative. “You have to differentiate yourself,” Senator Tillis said, stressing that, “Regionalism matters to the federal government. You will get more if you think regionally.”

The Senator also spoke candidly on a number of topics, including transportation, economic development, aging, housing and innovation in government. He mentioned his work to provide the framework that resulted in the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law, which is executing real improvements in infrastructure throughout North Carolina. Benefits to the state’s roads, highways and bridges, as well as clean water infrastructure and for broadband access, are detailed in the Senator’s book THE BIPARTISAN INFRASTRUCTURE LAW: Building Real Results for North Carolina.

Senator Tillis encouraged attending elected officials to reach out to his office for assistance, additionally noting how close his office is to the Centralina Regional Council headquarters. He discussed the different ways his office can help, such as supporting federal grant applications, saying “I don’t make a value judgement about federal dollars that you think that you’re qualified to access. We will help you if those federal dollars are available. As long as those resources are out there, I’m going to bring every penny that I can back to North Carolina.”

The Senator’s office is able to assist with various types of casework, such as passports, veterans and Social Security benefits and IRS issues. They can also help obtain letters for special events, request flags to be flown over the Capitol building and with military medals. 

For help from the Senator’s office in the Centralina region, contact:

Nick Halmrast, Regional Representative
10150 Mallard Creek Road, Suite 508
Charlotte, North Carolina 28262 

You can also call the Charlotte office at (704) 509-9087 for further assistance.