The Climate Pollution Reduction Grant Program: What Does it Mean for the Centralina Region?

As part of the Inflation Reduction Act, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is providing funding through a new initiative called the Climate Pollution Reduction Grant (CPRG) program. CPRG provides funding to assist state, local and tribal governments in the development of initiatives, plans and programs to reduce the release of greenhouse gases (GHG) and related co-pollutants. EPA’s CPRG program has two phases: planning and implementation.  

The Planning Phase  

Centralina was awarded a phase 1 planning grant and will serve as the lead entity for a 13-county, bi-state area charged with preparing plans designed to support local needs and priorities toward improving air quality and reducing greenhouse gas emissions. The CPRG program requires the development of two plans; a Priority Climate Action Plan (PCAP) by March 1, 2024 and a Comprehensive Climate Action Plan by July 1, 2025. The content of these plans will include an inventory of greenhouse gas emissions, quantified emissions reduction measures, workforce planning analysis and benefit analysis for Low-Income and Disadvantaged Communities. Centralina Regional Council plans to begin outreach activities this month. It is important to note that participation is key in this process for organizations wishing to compete in the implementation of grants.  

The Purpose of the Priority Climate Action Plan:  

  • Enhance regional resilience, improve air quality and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Identify local priorities that can shape a regional approach.
  • Outline sustainable practices for local governments and communities that contribute to regional goals.
  • Prioritize short-term strategies and local investments for near-term implementation.

The Implementation Phase 

On September 20, 2023, EPA announced the phase 2 implementation grants, which consists of $4.6 billion in funding for eligible organizations. The EPA anticipates individual grant funding opportunities will range between $2 million to $500 million. Applications for these competitive grants are due by April 1, 2024. GHG reduction measures must be included in the PCAP to be eligible for grant funding implementation.

Get Involved 

Centralina Regional Council and our partners (Anson, Cabarrus, Cleveland, Gaston, Iredell, Lincoln, Mecklenburg, Rowan, Stanly and Union counties in North Carolina and Chester, Lancaster and York counties in South Carolina) will begin stakeholder engagement this fall around the region. A Centralina Learns session on CPRG was conducted on October 24th, 2023. Those interested can watch the full session on our YouTube and or read a full recap on the session on our Insights page. 

For questions or interest in discussion on how we can help, please reach out to Deputy Executive Director, Michelle Nance, at or Regional Planning Director, Jason Wager, at