In 2019, CCOG completed a strategic review that laid out a vision to align our work with regional needs; enhance our communication and presence in the region; and improve our operations and infrastructure. Through intensive internal and external engagement, we also refreshed our mission, created core values and set strategic goals that will guide the organization for the next three years.

Our Regional Goals
Each community in the nine-county Centralina region is unique, but we share a common set of challenges. We believe that our region thrives when we work together, unified by a common mission for expanding opportunity and improving quality of life. The strong fabric of cooperation, woven by over 50 years of regionalism, must be sustained through robust implementation of localized solutions.

As one of the fastest-growing metro areas in the country, Centralina has a diverse set of guiding plans for the region; with limited resources and capacity, it is critical to prioritize within the ongoing implementation of these plans. We must also respond to the evolving needs of the region, local communities and the individuals that we serve. Here are our seven cross-cutting goals through 2022:

1. Growth: Manage cross-jurisdictional collaboration for coordinated regional growth
2. Mobility: Expand regional mobility choices and connections
3. Health: Improve the health and resilience of individuals, communities and our region
4. Economic Development: Facilitate business and infrastructure investments in our local communities and regional economy
5. Talent: Provide talent tactics and solutions for a qualified and competitive workforce
6. Innovation: Support and champion our local governments
7. Operations: Enhance Centralina operations, infrastructure and partnerships


In support of these regional goals, the CCOG Executive Board approves a workplan each fiscal year that guides the work of our departments.



Federal Action Plan

We also have a Federal Action Plan that we endeavor to advance with the help of federal lobbyist, Leslie Mozingo of Strategics Consulting. In April, we augmented our plan to include Coronavirus relief and recovery. Other initiatives include federal surface transportation reauthorization, workforce development boards and the reauthorization of the Workforce Investment and Opportunity Act (WIOA), alternative fuels tax incentives and infrastructure funding.