Advancing the plan

The Advancing the Plan Committee is an official ad-hoc advisory committee of Centralina Regional Council’s Executive Board. The Advancing the Plan Committee is made up of elected officials and city/county managers from across the region. The committee’s purpose is to provide a forum for communication across jurisdictional lines, guide the implementation of CONNECT Beyond’s recommendations and expand our region’s collaboration on issues of mobility. For committee meeting dates, agendas, minutes and slides, click here.


2024 Meeting Summaries

The Advancing the Plan Committee continues to meet in 2024 working on developing a possible framework for regional governance and improving regional coordination on implementing CONNECT Beyond’s recommendations. For meeting minutes and agenda, click here

2023 Meeting Summaries

See the links to summary documents below. For meeting minutes and agenda, click here.

Communication Tools

What are the critical near-term plan recommendations that the committee is focused on in FY2024? Two key projects include Seamless CONNECTions and building a TDM (transportation demand management) program for the region. Learn more about plan implementation.