The Centralina Council of Governments offers grants development assistance to CCOG’s member governments and other organizations.  Our goal is to enhance our region’s capacity to attract funding for local and regional strategic priorities.  Grants development services include:

  • Grants research, to identify possible funding sources and assess “fit”,
  • Grant writing, to prepare competitive grant applications,
  • Grant submittal, to act as lead applicant and formally submit completed applications to funders, and
  • Grants fiscal management, to act as fiscal agent in receiving, disbursing, and reporting on, awarded grant funds.

CCOG provides these services on collaborative projects with partner organizations, and may also provide them on a simple fee-for-service basis to organizations seeking some or all of these services.

CCOG is an eligible lead applicant for most grant programs open to government entities, and the Centralina Foundation is eligible to apply for most grant programs that are open to 501(c)(3) non-profit organizations.

CCOG also provides Preferred Sustainability Status certification for HUD and other federal grant programs that give preference to projects with this status. CCOG at no charge assesses alignment of the proposal with HUD Livability principles and the CONNECT Our Future program, and where appropriate alignment exists, provides PSS certification for use in the grant application.

Visit the Grant News page for monthly briefings on newly-opened and upcoming grant funding opportunities for which local governments in the Centralina region may be eligible.

For more information on Grants Development services, please contact Grants Development Director, Vicki Bott, at or 704-348-2702.