Centralina’s Regional Planning Department is the comprehensive regional planning agency for the greater Charlotte, NC region.  We work at the regional and community levels to help local governments plan for and build places of lasting value.  Our work is collaborative and often multi-generational and much of our work involves developing and strengthening partnerships that bring communities together across the region to reach solutions and common ground on issues of shared concern.

Our regional planning and local technical assistance work is guided by the outcomes of the three-year CONNECT Our Future project, which brought together over 8,400 participants to craft a regional growth framework.  CONNECT Our Future developed ten growth priorities, a consensus growth map, and over 75 tools to help local governments reach local goals within the regional framework.

Under the direction of our Board of Delegates, composed of local government elected officials from across the nine-county region, Centralina’s Regional Planning Department has become a national leader in stakeholder collaboration, consensus building, and planning for a rapidly growing region.

Our staff teams provide services in the areas of land use, transportation, healthy communities, public engagement, mapping, strategic planning, energy, and the environment. We also provide elected and appointed official training and training for local government planners.  Click here for a complete listing of services offered by CCOG’s Regional Planning Department.

For more information, please contact CCOG Planning Director Michelle Nance at mnance@centralina.org.

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