Early Care Siting for Health, Equity and Economic Vitality

Event Date:
Start at 11:00 AM
March 10, 2022


This free virtual training provides 2.0 AICP CM Credits.

Affordable, conveniently located, quality child care is one of the most pressing concerns of contemporary family life and plays a critical role in cultivating community health, equity and economic competitiveness. The pandemic has further highlighted the importance of early care to local economies, working families and child education and safety. In North Carolina, there are over 5,600 licensed childcare facilities serving nearly 220,000 children who, on average, spend over 36 hours a week at these facilities. Local government professionals play a vital role in facilitating the provision of care and preventing the health consequences of improper early care siting.
This two-hour virtual training session is designed to help local government professionals learn more about the safe siting of early care facilities and the available resources and planning strategies (including model plan and code language) for siting early care and education programs in your community.
Special thanks to NC DHHS for making this training possible! For more information, please contact planning@centralina.org.