Centralina Workforce Development Board (Virtual Meeting)
Tuesday, June 9, 4 p.m.
All are welcome to attend the Centralina Workforce Development Board virtual meeting on June 9. To participate, please contact Narissa Knight at nknight@centralina.org.

CCOG U: Regional Impact Projects: Who Knows What and When? (Webinar)
Thursday, June 18, 11:30 a.m. – 1 p.m.
In a growing region, what do you want to know about major developments in a neighboring community and when? Hear how some regions are opening the dialogue in an effort to increase efficiencies and avoid surprises. Centralina members can attend for $30, non-members are $35 and students are $15. Register: https://www.eventsquid.com/event.cfm?id=8777