NC Planning and Development Regulation Updates
North Carolina General Statutes – Chapter 160D

Chapter 160D of the North Carolina General Statutes consolidates current enabling legislation for planning regulation and represents the first major recodification and modernization of the city and county development regulations since 1905. Five years in the making, this legislation impacts all local governments in NC and requires active efforts by each jurisdiction in order to maintain the authority to regulate land through zoning.

Upcoming Training on 160D

Chapter 160D Intermediate Training

Does your jurisdiction need a boost to get going with Chapter 160D ordinance revisions? Join the School of Government for one of our remote workshops in June. This hands-on workshop, led by Ben Hitchings and Adam Lovelady, will help jumpstart local government staff beginning to draft ordinance amendments to comply with Chapter 160D. Through guided instruction, peer-learning, and customized drafting practice, participants will explore ways to update their ordinance effectively.

This workshop will move beyond the basics of 160D and focus on revising ordinances to comply. The workshop is intended for local government staff and regional planners tasked with updating local ordinances to comply with Chapter 160D. Communities who are just beginning their ordinance update are encouraged to participate. Each workshop is capped at 40 participants.

Participants are expected to view the 160D ModulesOrdinance Update Checklist, and 160D Q&A. Additionally, each participant should have an electronic copy of their ordinance available for revision during the workshop.

  • June 16 |Zoom (1:00pm-4:00pm)
  • June 18 | Zoom (9:00am-12:00pm)

Registration is $105. Check out the course website for more information and to register:


Chapter 160D Reference Book
The book is the primer resource on the changes to city- and county-enabling statute changes related to development regulations and is a must have for all communities as you update your codes in house or review code work drafted by others.

Click here to purchase the book: Chapter 160D: A New Land Use Law for North Carolina

Firms Accepting 160D Work
Please click here for a list of firms currently accepting 160D work.

*Disclaimer; CCOG does not endorse or recommend any particular private firm over another. This list was provided by a private consultant during the webinar and webinar materials are being shared.*

Summary Article
If you only have 5 minutes to spare, read this summary article to get an overview of the new land use law, including who it impacts, deadlines and what actions need to be taken.
Access the document here: Key Takeaways: Planning and Development Regulation – Chapter 160D

Organizing Table
Are you working to update your code and need a way to organize the work? Try out this table that provides a structure for summarizing how the 160D code changes impact your local code. Use this to provide a high-level summary of impacted chapters to your planning and governing boards or as a way to organize the text edits.

Download the table here: Local Compliance Tracker Table-160D Changes

Past Training

Centralina COG hosted two training courses in January 2020 and will continue to provide resources and information to local governments on this issue as they become available. Click here to see the slide handouts used in the regional workshops.

On June 4, 2020, Centralina COG hosted a one hour debrief on Chapter 160D review the changes to NC planning and development regulations, timelines, and the resources available. This training was geared towards managers, clerks, elected officials and others that were not familiar with the impacts of this new legislation. Click here to see the slides from the June 4, 2020 debrief.

UNC School of Government – Chapter 160D Resource Page
See resources on the SOG page including the checklist for ordinance updates, easily digestible video training modules, legislative text, the annotated bill and more.
Access the resources here: UNC School of Government – 160 Resources