Our Staff

Linda Miller - Aging Director of Centralina AAA

Linda is the program lead for the Region F Aging Advisory Committee and Health Promotion Disease Prevention. She serves as the Lead Planner for Cabarrus, Stanly, Mecklenburg and Union counties.

704-348-2712 (phone)
lmiller@centralina.org (email)

Debi Lee - Assistant Aging Director

Debi Lee is the Assistant Aging Director and the program lead for Legal Services, Senior Medicare Patrol, Medicare Information for Patients and Providers Project, and Housing and Housing Improvement. She is the Lead Planner for Gaston, Iredell, Rowan and Lincoln counties. She serves as the regional contact for the Community Resource Center.

704-348-2714 (phone)
dlee@centralina.org (email)

Evelyn Pressley - Aging Program Assistant

Evelyn Pressley provides technical assistance for Aging Resource Management System and manages monitoring schedules for all nine counties.

704-688-6505 (phone)
epressley@centralina.org (email)

Katie Kutcher - Aging Specialist

Katie Kutcher is an Aging Programs Coordinator and works with Senior Centers, Transportation services and Mobility Management efforts in the region. She is a leader for A Matter of Balance, Chronic Disease Self-Management and Diabetes Self-Management.

704-348-2705 (phone)
kkutcher@centralina.org (email)

Natalie Tunney - Aging Specialist

Natalie Tunney is an Aging Specialist and is the lead Information & Assistance Specialist for individuals seeking resources for older adults, people with disabilities or caregivers in the 9 county Centralina Region. She works with Mobility Management efforts and other initiatives to improve quality of life in the Centralina region.

704-348-2711 (phone)
ntunney@centralina.org (email)

Sara Maloney - Aging Specialist

Sara Maloney is an Aging Specialist and is the lead for the Family Caregiver Support Program, serving all nine counties. She also serves as lead monitor for In-Home Aide, adult day funding, and group respite programs in the region.


704-688-7037 (phone)
smaloney@centralina.org (email)

Elisa Gregorich - Aging Specialist

Elisa Gregorich is an Aging Specialist and the Lead for the Lead Contact Agency, Information and Options Counseling, serving all nine counties.

704-348-2726 (phone)
egregorich@centralina.org (email)

Annette Demeny - Aging Specialist

Annette Demeny is an Aging Specialist and serves as the Regional Coordinator for the Evidence-Based Health Programs, lead monitor for Senior Nutrition Programs, and Coordinator for the Metrolina Falls Prevention Coalition. She is a Matter of Balance National Lead Trainer and a certified Master Trainer in the Chronic Disease Self-Management Program, Diabetes Self-Management Program, and the Chronic Pain Self-Management Program.

704-348-2736 (phone)
ademeny@centralina.org (email)

Angel Stoy - Community Health and Wellness Aging Specialist

Angel Stoy is the community health and wellness Aging Specialist working as the lead for the partnership with North Carolina Center for Health and Wellness in collaboration with UNC-A to expand evidence-based programming for chronic illness throughout NC.  She is working to increase support for evidence-based programming and other services.  She is a leader for A Matter of Balance, Chronic Disease Self-Management and Diabetes Self-Management.

704-348-2735 (phone)
astoy@centralina.org (email)

Margaret White - Wellness and Volunteer Programs Assistant

Margaret provides administrative support services for the Evidence-Based Health Programs and Metrolina Falls Program Coalition.  She is trained leader in A Matter of Balance.

704-385-4789 (phone)
mwhite@centralina.org (email)

Latosha Walker - SCSEP Program Manager

Latosha Walker is the Program Manager for the Senior Community Service Employment Prorgram. She serves eligible participants and host agency’s in Anson, Cabbarus, Mecklenburg, Stanly, and Union Counties.

704-348-2713 (phone)
lwalker@centralina.org (email)

Cindy Englert - Ombudsman Program Coordinator/Gaston and Lincoln County

Cindy Englert is the Ombudsman Program Coordinator serving residents who live in Adult Care Homes and Nursing Homes in Gaston and Lincoln Counties.  She is a certified Alzheimer’s Disease and Dementia Care Trainer. She serves as the program lead for Elder Abuse and for the Senior Tar Heel Legislators for all nine counties.

704-348-2715 (phone)
cenglert@centralina.org (email)

Hillary Kaylor - Regional Ombudsman/Mecklenburg County Nursing Homes

Hillary Kaylor is the Regional Ombudsman serving residents who live in Nursing Homes in Mecklenburg County.  She is the Program Lead for the Care Transitions efforts in all nine counties.

704-348-2724 (phone)
hkaylor@centralina.org (email)

Laurie Abounader - Regional Ombudsman/Anson, Cabarrus and Union County

Laurie Abounader is the Regional Ombudsman serving residents who live in the Adult Care Homes and Nursing Homes in Cabarrus, Union and Anson counties. She serves as the Lead Planner for Anson County.

704-348-2739 (phone)
labounader@centralina.org (email)

Patricia Cowan - Regional Ombudsman/Iredell and Rowan counties

Patricia Cowan is the Regional Ombudsman serving residents who live in Adult Care Homes and Nursing Homes in Iredell and Rowan Counties.

704-688-6503 (phone)
pcowan@centralina.org (email)

Lindsay Tice - Regional Ombudsman/Mecklenburg Adult Care Homes and Stanly County Residents

Lindsay Tice is the Regional Ombudsman serving residents who live in Stanly County and Adult Care Homes in Mecklenburg County.

704-688-6504 (phone)
ltice@centralina.org (email)